Monday, 4 April 2011


Address: 160 2nd Ave (South), Nashville, TN

The company known as "Sound Of Nashville" pressed hundreds, if not thousands of 45's and LP's throughout the 60's until the 80's. Although I'm sure it wasn't their choice, they pressed mainly country music with a smattering of Gospel and some rock-a-billy discs worth mentioning.

Their matrix numbers ran as, for example, 33001/33002 and the next one would be 30011/30012. So the records were issued with the A side almost always 10 ahead of the previous release. Always in the dead wax, the matrix is usually printed on the label too.

Dates supplied by Pascal Perrault and are approximate.

Any corrections, deletions, label shots can be mailed to

Malcolm Chapman and Pascal Perrault
(Apr 2011)

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